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I've recently purchased a 10" complete lift and shock extensions and ball joints I was told one thing on several recorded calls and Ross miller slandered ucl name to get my money and sent me a partial kit without my ball joints , shock extensions , and a partial 3" body lift and no instructions he figured because I live in Fairbanks Ak he can rip me off I paid an outrageous shipping-and handling fee for a partial kit that was suppose to be full and complete he don't return emails and phone calls and was totally unprofessional after he got the money !!! How do you call your company donk kings when you don't product donk kits to customers and on your sight complete kits has a kit with purses around them !!!!

No slandering the truth ...

You stole from the wrong person and not fixed the problem yet then, you block my # or your phone get disconnected because of your crooked business tactics !!!! I have every email, text, and phone conversations to prove your unprofessional crooks!!!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Wow they did that I was going to order from them now I'm having 2nd thoughts damm dunk kings

San Lorenzo, California, United States #579821

I agree, that company is a total joke. Drive by it all the time.

Nothing but "pants on the ground" *** dealers hanging out, smoking wwed. They are not making a living selling lift kits for sure.

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